Norm Nielsen Checker Cabinet: a stunningly beautiful prop


Norm Nielsen checker cabinet.  Exquisite craftsmanship. See Below.

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I have had many checker cabinets and have compared them all from Okito, to Thayer and many others.  I can say this is the most stunningly beautiful of them all.  This is a case where the Student has at least matched if not exceeded the Master.  Yes Okito cabinets are much more valuable but that is the lure of Okito and the fact that he work was done so long ago and has withstood the test of time.  Oktio cabinets are worth the every bit of the $10,000 plus they bring  because of their beauty and scarcity.

What I am saying is this cabinet by Norm is so exquisite it would be hard to say that Okito’s cabinet itself is actually better.  Look at the raised dragon, the decals, the painting, the curved wood, the checker design and all of the little details that went into this cabinet. This was made at Norm’s peak of creativity and it shows. It is the finest cabinet he made and it was done about 10 years ago.  The condition is mint.  It has all of the Okito features and is extremely smooth working.

I don’t believe a finer cabinet is available.  It certainly could not be built for the asking price and I am not sure there is anyone that could build it today.  Sure to appreciate in value.  Complete with instructions.


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