Nuts and Bolts by Clarence Miller: signed #14 from 2001


As usual this is a very clever prop from Clarence.  The effect is a large nut is shown as well as a large bolt along with an empty cabinet with a sliding panel in front.  The box is shown empty and the panel is slid on the front.  The examined bolt is slid through two holes on opposite sides of the cabinet.  The examined nut is then dropped into the cabinet through the open top.  When the panel is removed it is seen that the nut is now threaded on the bolt and the little cabinet is otherwise empty!  The bolt is removed and the nut drops to the floor of the cabinet where it  and the removed bolt are handed to the spectator! It is in perfect working condition.  There is a ding on one side of the removable panel which I have photographed: otherwise excellent condition.  It is signed by Clarence in 2001 and this is unit #14 of a small edition. The box is 3.5x3x2 inches.  The bolt is 6 inches long and the nut is1 1/16 inch.

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