Okito Penetration of Matter: Series One in the MagicCollectibles.com Classic Apparatus Series


MagicCollectibles.com has commissioned Master Craftsman Paul Lembo to faithfully recreate the Okito Penetration of Matter. The result?   I think even Okito would be proud!

There is a lot of precise mechanics going on behind the scenes with this prop. In effect any small object penetrates a silk piece of cloth after the cloth is shown to be intact and remains visible during the entire process. It is simply amazing to watch and you will fool yourself performing it.

We have commissioned three of these units and this is our final unit #2 of 3 as the others have been sold (there will be no more). Each bares the MagicCollectibles.com brass nameplate identifying the prop and its number.

We have spared no expense in producing this product but have been able to keep the price at a very reasonable level. This is a prop you will be proud to own and display. Breaks into two pieces for packing.

Only 1 left in stock

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