Okito/Lembo Box on Pole vanish:2007 three made


You can see this effect in Dr. Abo’s Ultimate Okito addendum.

Three separate nested boxes are shown. The two outer boxes are opened and then nested and closed. A dove is placed in the smallest box and covered with a scarf (provided). The box is then balanced on to of a bamboo pole and raised into the air well above the magician’s head. Suddenly the silk flutters to the floor and the box and dove have vanished. When the magician opens the nest of boxes the third box is found inside the other two dove intact!

The outer box is 13.5×8.25×8.5 inches. The vanishing box is 10.5×4.5×5.5 inches.

Beautifully decorated and well-made mechanism.   Paul made three of these to Doc Albo’s specifications in 2007.

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