Oriental Twin Die Box: Michal Baker’s the Magic Company: exquisite!


Michel Baker not only produces Okito style props but decorates them in the real Okito Manner. Okito was once asked why he decorates the interior and rear of the props since the audience never sees it to which Okito replied: “I Do”.  One look at this prop makes you appreciate the painstaking process it took to create it.

It is the twin die  die box effect where you can do the regular die box effect (yes there is a sliding weight in the tray) and then the boxes can be separated to still perform the transposition. There are many effects you can do with this apparatus or you can just admire it which I find myself doing.

This is a special version as an additional gimmick was added by Michael (for this box only) which allows you to turn either box into a pagoda  box and opens up a realm of additional opportunities to develop new routines.

This is brand new purchased and stored. These are currently unavailable from Michael. The tray is 12×6 inches and the block is 4 inches. I only have one.

(Any light streaks you may see is just photography lights reflecting off of the high gloss finish)

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