Original Robert Harbin’s My Lady’s Ring: A masterpiece: less than 5 known to exist


This is an amazingly intricate piece of apparatus which is very difficult to construct. The original version (which this is) is one of less than a handful known to exist.  It was constructed by noted British Craftsman Gil Leaney to Harbin’s specifications. Leaney built many items for Harry Stanley’s Unique Studios in London and later played a pivotal role in the success of the long running Paul Daniels Magic Show on BBC-TV.  See the effect below.

You get a copy of the original plans and presentation. While this can be performed it makes a striking display on any collectors shelf! as well!  Again very rare! Another I have been holding back for years!

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The Effect:  The magician brings forward a tray on which rests a small blue box. The lid is opened and after a lady has agreed to load you her ring, you ask her to look inside the box where she will notice a little brass hook protruding from one side and situated just above a red velvet cushion.  The lady is asked to place her ring upon the hook and the lid is closed and the box handed to her for safe keeping.

A second box of similar size and yellow in color with its lid open is placed on the tray. The magician carries the tray and box over to another audience member seated some distance from the lender of the ring.  While the tray is held by the left hand , the right hand reaches inside the box an comes out holding a carnation.

The second spectator is asked to take the box and see that it is empty apart from a small holder attached to one side. They agree and then you place he carnation into the little holder and close the lid of the box.

Standing back and well away from both boxes, you recapitulate.  A  borrowed ring is in the box held by its lender while some distance away is the yellow box containing a carnation.  the command is given and the lady with the blue box is asked to open her box. She finds just a hook with no ring. the holder of the yellow box is asked to open it and carefully remove the carnation. When he does he finds the ladies ring is tightly gripping the calyx of the flower.  The effect is sensational!.

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