Original Thayer Workshop Plan from the Thayer Archives: The Mysterious Duck Production (Duck Tub): Own a piece of history! Unique!

What you are bidding on is not a massed produced Thayer workshop plan but a one of a kind original direct from the Thayer Workshops.  This is what was used to print and sell the mass produced plans. It is one of a kind!

A few years ago I purchased what was left of the original Thayer Studios including all of their original workshop plans and instructions from their shop!  This is one of those plans. It is difficult to value as it is a true piece of history.  The copies sell for $75-$100 and this is one of  the original plans from the workshop,  It is truly a piece of magic history from perhaps the most famous of all magic manufactures of the 20th century. The size is 15×18 inches. It is in very good condition with fold marks and light soiling.

Estimate $200-$300?????

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