Orinn’s Tennepin by Limted Editions Magic


This is a great effect produced long ago and now expertly re-created by Limited Editions Magic. Only 10 were made.  See the description below.


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The effect is straightforward.  A large wooden ball is shown (can be handed for examination).  a round wooden disk with a one inch hole in the center is shown (can be examined) along with two metal tubes with large holes in them (they can no way in heck be examined so lets not let them examine anything!). A wand is placed into the  the tubes to show their emptiness.   One of the tubes is placed on the table and the wooden disk over it.  The other tube is placed on top of the disk with the white ball placed in it. The situation is you have an empty tube on the bottom, the wooden disk with the one inch hole on top and the other tube with the ball showing in the large hole setting on top of the wooden disc. The wand is then placed into the hole where you actually see it force the wooden ball through the one inch hole and the ball falls through all the way to the bottom of the bottom tube where it is seen through the hole in the tube. It is a visual penetration and is quite startling! The tubes are then removed and the wooden ball shown.

Well made in the Okito fashion. A great effect that is brand new and never used.  I unwrapped it to photograph.

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