Orson Welles The Magic Show film used prop: Disembodied Princess built by John Gaughan


This prop (yes this very one) was used by Orson Welles in his uncompleted film The Magic Show and it was performed with Oja Kodar. The film after Orson’s death was turned over by Oja to the Munich Film Museum where it was pieced together into a half hour cut. As part of this purchase you get a copy of that film showing Orson performing with this very prop.

You also get a special trick blade Orson had made for this effect. In the movie a close up of Oja Kodar is shown as the Orson pushes the blade through her neck. Orson needed a trick blade to perform this effect. You also get all of the torches etc. that were used to stage the effect.

The disembodied Princess was built in 1975 by John Gaughan for Abb Dickson’s Presto Magic Show. Abb loaned the illusion to Orson to perform. You also get a copy of the letter from Ab describing the entire event. I purchased this from Ab many years ago and it has been on display in my personal Museum.

The prop works perfectly so you can display it as I have (with a copy of the movie running close by) or perform with it as it functions just as the day it was made.

It will come in an Anvil case. The case’s foam lining has deteriorated over the years and will need to be replaced. That will be your job!

Shipment will be by truck at your expense.

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