Osterlind’s Final Answer


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The Final Answer question and answer routine has been one of Richard Osterlind’s proprietary effects and he has deliberately kept it to himself for many years.
A description of the act is as follows. The mentalist passes out perforated slips for audience members to write their questions on. These slips are separated, fairly collected in a vinyl binder pouch, and dumped onto a table. Next, the number slips are collected. The mentalist randomly removes slips from the pouch and immediately answers each person’s question.

Please note: this idea uses no impression devices or any type of pre-show work. It is the easiest and cleanest looking act of its kind. Because of Richard’s additions to a very old principle, this streamlined act will become your favorite way to perform this classic of mentalism.

The Final Answer outfit contains:

• Specially gimmicked binder pouch

• A generous supply of die cut, numbered and perforated question slips

• A supply of medium-point ballpoint pens

• A 16-page instruction book with numerous ideas for using the apparatus and tips on doing the Q & A act

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