Owen Magic One Man Dancing Hank Cabinet (Spirit Cabinet) fully automated! Only 3 made!


Owen Magic Supreme Automated Dancing Hank Spirit Cabinet,  In mint condition. A one man dancing hank routine!

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Joe Karson invented a one man dancing hank routine years ago and Alan  Zagorsky of Owen Magic Supreme has taken it to a new level with his production of Karson’s  one man dancing hank cabinet.  With this cabinet and its mechanics you can do the entire dancing hank routine without offstage assistants!  The mechanics (which take the place of an offstage assistant) are powered by a rechargeable battery that works smoothly and efficiently.

The cabinet is made of very heavy acrylic as is the supporting table. It is a beautiful prop (hard to photograph gleaming acrylic but a beautiful prop).  The front of the cabinet lowers as part of the routine.  I removed he packaging from this to photograph it.  It has never been used or even opened from the manufacturer.

The chest itself is 15 by 16.5 by 10.5 inches.  The stand is 16 by 11 by 17 inches. Complete with Owen instructions and Karson’s full routine as provided by Owen.

This prop is simply the highest standard of quality as expected from Owen Magic Supreme.  Anything that might look like an imperfection is just the flash from the camera. Priced well below original cost.

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