Premier Checker X from Woodmagic Studio: Exotic woods!

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The checker X effect made with the finest of woods available by WoodMagic Studio.  A truly exceptional item. Comes with instructions.

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Howard Hale’s Woodmagic Studio  made the finest wooden products available of the day, period.  The company has long been out of business and I suspect it is because the time and expense it took to make the high quality products he produced made it very difficult to sell them for a profit (the Okito Syndrome).  There is no product line very produced that I have been more impressed with.

The Checker X effect has never looked so good.  Made with the following woods: African Zebrawood, South American Purple Heart, Australian Lacewood and American high-figured BIrd’s Eye Maple. It comes with its own stand and protective carry bag.  If you want the finest, here it is. Excellent condition.



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