Pro Mystic MD Mini and Finders Keepers: two unbelievable electronic mentalism effects


Pro Mystic has the earned reputation of excellence and these products are just two examples.  You can find the entire line including these two items here.

This is the MD MIni cube which is great for color readings. mind readings and more. It looks so innocent like a mini Rubik cube on a key chain. With it you can blow there minds in a seemingly impromptu display. It sells for $299.

The Finders Keepers is a superb rendition of the which hand mystery.  Image doing it up to 30 feet away.  You can not only tell which hand the key chain is in but which side is up!   You can even tell if the key chain is hanging at their side!.  This sells for $399

You also get the receiver which works with both which sells for $150.  The total value is $850.  These appear to have not been used.  I have fully tested them and everything is functioning perfectly.  Go to the site and check them out for further information.  We only have this one set we have decided to sell as one package.  It should not last long, The price is like getting the Mini Cube free! Comes packaged in the small plastic protective  “crate”.  We send the purchaser the link to both instructional and routine videos. They are wonderfully done!

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