Resor Small Checker Cabinet: rare


The only one i have ever seen.  A beauty and works similar to the Oriental fantasy checker cabinet but much smaller.  About two thirds the size.  It is a glass and checkers transposition. Resor has added the addition of the stack of fake checkers being picked up by a magnet rather than the usual hole in the back of the canister. It is a stunning and rare prop.  It is in excellent condition with the only flaw being paint touch up on the rear of the checker canister near the metal seam.  I have tried to photograph it for you.

Thee cabinet is12 inches tall and 10 inches wide.  Checker canister is 8 inches tall. Checkers are 2.75 inches wide. Great addition to any collection! Notice the claws feet! No instructions but I will send along instructions from another manufacturer that works the same.

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