Rich Bloch’s Collector’s Workshop Card In Glass: rare with original logo


This is a special item. Made very early and hallmarked with the rare Rich Bloch’s Collector’s Workshop logo. You can read the effect below. It comes with the original box and a copy of the original instructions.

It is sophisticated simplicity.  Very hard to find any props with the original CW logo. You will obviously have to replace the original ungimmicked rubber bands.

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EFFECT:  Plainly, it is the neatest, most appealing version of the card in glass you’l ever see. It’s just cards and glass. No stands. No other (visible) apparatus. The effect is, of course, ancient. Spectator seals two lucite plates together with rubber bands. A miniature card is then selected and returned to the deck. Spectator shuffles the deck. Then, as performer holds the lucite plates, the spectator is invited to toss the deck at the plates. He does so and when the cards have fallen, the chosen card is found sealed between the two plates. Spectator may open the plates to release the card.

What’s new is that, for the first time, the effect may be performed close up. This is made possible by one of the slickest pieces of apparatus you’ll ever encounter. John Martin, England’s master watch maker, made the original. But it was a bit bulky and suitable only for stage. By reducing the size and redesigning it to accommodate miniature cards, we found we had created a close-up miracle, one that could be reasonably and confidently performed in close surroundings. The closely machined, solid brass gimmick makes this a collectors’ item. But the effect is charming. It’s a collectors’ item you”l want to use.

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