Riddle of the Rabbit (Okito/Lembo) only 12 made


The inexplicable vanish of a live rabbit.  First invented by Okito.  The first one Paul made was at the request of Dr. Albo and used the original Okito plans.  It now rest in the David Copperfield collection. The second was built for me.  10 more were eventually produced for a total of 12. These are not easy to build as they requires specialized angles in contraction  and precision manufacturing to make the effect deceptive. Paul did a magnificent job!

The effect is a rabbit is taken from the yellow cage and the cage top is closed.. The lid is opened n the decorative red box and the rabbit placed in.  The magician claps his hands and proceeds to take the red box completely apart stacking it piece by piece flat on top of  the see through  yellow cage. The rabbit has vanished without explanation.  In very good condition with one small nick on the decal on top of the red box.

The cages is 12x10x10.5 and the vanish box is 19x14x13. Beautifully decorated inside and out!

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