Rodger Lovins Hot Knife: his first knife effect and scarce!


Rodger is a very creative magician and has marketed many great effects throughout his magical career (probably the most famous is his What Tha..  which has sold thousands!).  If there is a line he is most famous for it is his color changing knives.  This is what happens when a knife collector and a magician collide: Rodger is both.

You get a great effect with a very high quality knife a collector would be happy to own. The knife has Nickel silver bolsters and stainless steel blades. Rodger has these manufactured for him specifically to his high standards. He does not take an existing knife and modify it. This was the first of his knife effects and has become very difficult to find.

It is a hot rod concept where the magician has the spectator choose a color from many colored spots on the knife.  The spots then all turn into the chosen color.  Get it while you can. You won’t find another. Original packaging.

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