Rodger Lovins “Our Very Best” Color Changing Knife Set: perhaps the finest color changing knife set ever made!


So what happens when an avid knife collector and a very talented close up magician collide? You get the finest set of close up knifes ever made!  This set of knives was designed from the ground up starting with the premise that it must be a quality set of knives that even a knife collector would be proud to own.   It is not some existing knife that has been modified for magicians.  This is a set that was painstaking designed over many months with multiple prototypes until the perfect knife was created. One that a knife collector would admire and yet one that had every conceivable subtlety in its design  to make the color changing knife routine devastatingly deceptive.  In my opinion, Mr. Lovins has created the most perfect color changing knife set ever created. For proof read the description below and study the photos..

These were expensive knifes to manufacturer and sell for a very reasonable $150.  In keeping with our philosophy in trying to offer to our customers the best value anywhere in magic, we have acquired a very few brand new in the box  that we are selling for $100 while we have them.  Our way of saying thanks for viewing our website and shopping with us.

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Here are a few reasons whey we think this is the finest set of color changing knives ever made:

The knife quality:

  • Two matching “highly polished” stainless steel blades!
  • Rounded nickel silver bolsters on both ends of the frame!
  • Brass liners and pins!
  • Real jigged bone handles
  • Quality white pearl finish
  • These knives will never rust!

The magician subtleties:

  • Identical blades on both ends allowing for perfect balance and the color change to occur with blades open
  • Deep etched pulls on both sides of the blades and handles making the knife to visually look the same after the change and the blades easy to open from either side.
  • Hallmarks positioned on the base of both blades perfectly to make the change look the same
  • Deep set blades making both sides of the knife look the same after the change.
  • Perfectly balanced open or closed
  • Perfectly sized at 3 1/8 inches long, by ½ inch wide
  • No shields on the knives. Ever notice on some sets not only do the knives change colors but the shields vanish?
  • Rounded shape makes the paddle move easy to perform
  • Real jigged bone handles make it easy to tell the orientation of the side before removing from your pocket

We feel comfortable in claiming that such thought has never went into the design of any color changing knife making this perhaps the finest color changing knife set ever created! These knives were created for the experienced magician and as such no routine is offered with them.  The three knife set makes it possible to perform almost any color changing knife routine including Pop Haydn’s routine.

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