Roterberg Cage Transportation: circa 1910 very rare

$5,600.00 $3,750.00

Certainly the finest piece of vintage apparatus ever offered on our site is this Roterberg Cage Transportation.  In effect a cage with the bird is covered and placed in a open framework on top of a pedestal. The empty framework on the other pedestal is covered as well with the cages being feet apart. A shot is fired (this was the old days) and the cage cover is removed from the first pedestal to reveal the cage has vanished and when the cover is removed from the other the bird cage is there having transported through the air!

Classic  Roterberg rope  column. The cages are in very good working condition  with some tarnishing on the base of one which I have photographed.  I have not made any attempt to polish these based upon my own preference.

I realize this is not for everyone but if you are so inclined this is one of the finest pieces of magic to become a focal point of any collection.  You simply do not find these available.

From my personal collection saved for the Magic Collectibles Membership.


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