Roy Roth’s Nest of Boxes (Supreme Prediction Chest): circa 1978: scarce and extremity clever


I have only seen two of these in the last 30 years of collecting. It is am amazing prop which can be used as a prediction chest or a nest of boxes!

Cords are laced through the smaller box and the box is padlocked.  It is then placed into the larger box  and the cords tied on top.  The larger box is then padlocked.  Under these conditions you can load an item into the smaller box and have the spectator open the boxes to reveal the item or the prediction!  With proper staging you can even have the spectator lock up an empty smaller box and place it into the larger box himself before the vanished item is revealed in the smaller box right on front of them!  This is one of those effects you will be tempted to show them how its done it is so clever!

This was remade a few years ago by Stevens Magic but this is the original from Roy Roth in England who made some of the most clever magic ever made.  I guarantee you will love it!

The size of the larger box is 10×6.5×4  inches and the smaller box is 7.5x5x2.5 inches.  Comes withe the original padlocks.  Excellent condition.


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