Roydon Double Box Prediction Chest by Limited Editions Magic


The Roydon chest was originally produced in the 1960’s and on a very limited basis.  They were $175 when first produced, more than a weeks salary.  Not many are around because not many sold.  this was by design to keep the prop in limited availability.

This is a prediction effect where a box is given or sent to a venue and the day of the show opened to reveal a prediction inside a small locked box which is inside a larger locked box.  This is a full size prediction on a 7×9 inch sheet of paper.  The method is foolproof and clever.

This is Limited Edition’s version of this effect beautifully crafted in walnut.  There has been an improvement in that the gimmick on the smaller box now locks in place.

The size of the outer box is 8.75×6.75×6.5 inches.  It has brass hardware and ball feet.  The Limited Edition run sold out quickly at $495.  Brand New never used.


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