Sea-Lings Family Ties by Richard Gerlitz: 2010


Richard Gerlitz is certainly one of the finest builders of today.  His items are cherished by collectors all over the world.  He releases very few items each year and generally only makes between 12 and 20 of a major release. Owning a Gerlitz prop is like owning a Royals Royce: it is simply the finest magic you can buy.  His props have stood the test of time and have made for a wonderful investment for those that own them.  Gerlitz props aren’t for everybody, but if you can  it is always good to own the best!

This effect was ordered directly from Richard Gerlitz and not unpacked until I did to photograph it. The effect is amazing and was based on an effect from the 1950’s.  Richard added his own twist and the construction and design is a dramatic improvement  as you would expect.

The below description is courtesy of Andy Martin and his wonderful website.

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The below Description/Review is from Andy Martins amazing website.

One of Richard’s most intricate, but also amazing, creations. As I find myself adding a few select effects to my collection that I missed the first time around it is hard to ignore this amazing beauty from the master engineer and designer himself: Richard Gerlitz. The first time you set this up you have to take it slowly and read the instructions two or three times. It almost seems impossible that this could work so smoothly, but once you have set it up and run through the sequence everything happens as it should and you are left with one damn fine illusion! Once you have set it the first time it gets much easier and with practice you could do it in five minutes or less.

Effect: If you break this item down there are three main magical moments:

  • You begin by showing three ornately decorated blocks from all sides and clearly show that the ribbon goes through all three. You can pull the ribbon from end to end or in between each block. There is no doubt that a single ribbon goes through all the blocks. And there are no funny moves either.
  • You then separate the blocks and cleanly cut the ribbon attached to the center block. Again the ribbon is most certainly cut in two places. This block is placed on top of the other two and every one can see the ribbon sticking out of the top block and the bottom two.
  • You snap your fingers and the ribbon in the top box vanishes (effect #1).
  • You then pull the ribbon from the left hand side and the 100% severed ribbon from the right hand side travels too (effect #2).
  • Finally, you pull the ribbon all the way out from the left and you again clearly have one long single ribbon (effect #3).
  • The blocks are clean there is nothing added or taken away and you really have performed a miracle!

I can’t stress enough the first time I did this I was struggling a bit with how it would work. But thanks to the Richard’s amazing engineering – it just works. And it is perfect every time.

Highly Recommended for lovers of beautiful magic everywhere!

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