Sea-Lings Lead to Gold by Richard Gerlitz Rare


A 2004 release of a classic prop from Richard Gerlitz.  See below.

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Richard Gerlitz builds some great magic.  His items are expensive and exclusive and are found in the finest of magic collections.

This is Sea-Lings Lead to Gold produced in very limited quantity in 2004. In the effect a piece of examined lead is placed in the bottom of a glass column, and then filled with water. From an ornate Chinese bottle, a red liquid is added to the water, coloring the water a deep red.  He glass column is then covered by a decorative tube and a cover placed on top.. A magical pass is made the the sound of a coin hitting a glass is heard.  The lid and tube are removed and the red has vanished.  The lead has also vanished and glistening the the clear water is a single gold coin!.

Tube is approximately 12 inches tall with cover on.

Beautiful props well made. It is unusual to find Richard Gerlitz props for sale in the secondary market and when you do they command high prices.  This prop sold for over $2,000 (with premium) in the Rich Bloch Potter auction. Complete with instructions in excellent condition..

Again your chance for a bargain..

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