Sewell Block on Rod and Cube of Confucius: rare only 7 made


The Sewell Block on Rod and the Cube of Confucius.  One of magics great effects in an  edition of 7 from Limited Editions Magic.

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The Sewell Block on rod is one of the most highly desirable props for collectors.  The original 1940’s edition is impossible to find and the Eric Lewis Johnny Gaughan versions have sold for incredible sums approaching 5 digits.

This stunning Oriental design version was done in a edition of 7 by Linted Editions magic. It is very well made and the block appearance  on the rod is incredible and defies explanation since the top, sides and front and back of the box are all seen to be open at the same time prior to the block appearing on the heavy brass rod,

The effect is a solid six inch block is shown on all sides. A cabinet with an open top and front and back is shown completely empty and a heavy solid brass rod is placed through the cabinet coming out holes on either side of the cabinet. The front and back doors are closed.

A beautiful stand on a column is displayed and a oriental fan placed in front of it.  The block is placed on the stand behind the oriental fan for just an instant and the fan is whipped away showing the block has vanished.  The front and back doors of the formerly empty cabinet are lowered revealing the block in  the cabinet threaded onto the brass rod.  The rod is removed and the solid block brought forward.

A fantastic item virtually explainable at a great price. You will marvel at its workings.  With video instructions.

Cabinet is 16x10x7 and the stand 20x14x7.  The block is 6 inches square.

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