Sherlocked by Mark Elsdon


When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains , however improbable, must be mindreading……

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You shuffle the deck and show it well mixed. You place it in front of a spectator and ask them to cut the deck and then removed five cards and to pocket one of them.  Card by Card you read his mind, telling him the value of every single card as he thins of them one after the other.  You conclude by naming the card he has in his pocket.   Then you instantly repeat the whole thing with another spectator.  He took cuts the deck and removes 5 cards (yes, different cards) and pockets one sight unseen.  You once again read his mind and tell him each card he has selected. As the finale you tell the audience that just as he has one card in his pocket so do you. You remove our card from an otherwise empty pocket and when he removes his they match perfectly!

One of the innovations of Sherlocked is the incorporation of a no “No” pumping system so tht you never seem to get a card wrong when apparently reading the participant’s mind. It will become a standard handling in this type of effect.

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