Shin Lim 52 Shades of Red: new never opened.


Amazing card magic.  Sealed never opened.

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Shin Lim has performed with this gaff deck in front of thousands of lay people around the world. For years he has considered this his secret weapon. It is a gaffed deck so advanced that you will appear to do miracles with your bare hands.

2 DVD Set

Fully gaffed deck (Bicycle backs)

8 full routines

Made by USPCC

Full step by Step instruction

The two DVD set comes with a gaffed deck, gimmicks and 8 full routines, including:

52 Shades of Red: This is the featured routine Shin uses in his professional stage act. It is the cleanest possible color changing deck ever conceived. You show every single blue card in the deck. Next, you turn the cards over and show the pips of every single card. On your command the deck changes from blue into red. You turn once again to show the face of every single card is now blank. A live performance of 52 Shades of Red was recorded in Beijing and is shown on the DVD.

Color Changing Box: The audience sees all sides of a blue box. And with just a wave or toss (whichever you prefer) the card box changes into a red box of playing cards.

Impossible Card Vanish / Color Change: You cleanly show two Jokers and an Ace of Hearts (and they can be examined). You then place the Ace in between the two Jokers and in a split second the Ace vanishes cleanly in between the two Jokers. You can show all sides of the Jokers. Shin teaches you how to use the same gimmick in order to perform one of the cleanest color changes anyone can perform.

Bonus section: You show four blue-backed Aces. With just a wave, they turn into four red-back Kings. Also included in the DVD Shin teaches you how to vanish an entire pack of cards in an extremely clean manner.

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