Sixth Sense 2 by Hugo Shelly


Indispensable mentalist device.  Please see below.  New never used.

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The best-selling magnetic detection device. With an extended range, multi directional sensing pattern and self-calibrating digital circuitry, this device allows you to perform a variety of beautiful and stunning mind-reading effects including the classic ‘which hand’.

Recommended Coins/Items: Range

Magnetic US Half Dollar – Super Strong (Kreis Magic): 4.5in

Magnetic £1 for Sixth Sense ( 4in

PK Ring (Wizard FX): 5in

Larger magnetic objects (Scorpion, Spike): 12in+

No calibration routines, wires, settings, or complicated hookups. Just turn the unit on via the switch at the base and Sixth Sense 2 automatically configures itself in a fraction of a second. Keep it in a pocket and perform your favorite effects wherever and whenever you want.

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