Star Selection by Silray Magic 1952: Scarce


Silray magic from Scotland was innovative in producing Lucite magic in the 1950’s.  There items are very scarce today.

This is the Abbott’s last card plot with some beautiful looking props and a entirely different load method. Invented by Norman Stout.  This is an incredible pieces of magic to add to any vintage collection. With instructions. Breaks down flat for packing.

If you do not know the effect a spectator selects a card from a deck and the deck and reinserts it. The deck is thens fully shuffled (it really is).  Nine cards are then dealt form the deck and three each placed on each point of the star stand.  The spectator selects the cards to be removed from the stand one by one and the last card is proven to be their card!

The stand is 18 inches tall at its highest point.

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