Strong Magic Darwin Ortiz 1995

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Strong Magic Darwin Ortiz 1195.  379 pages. VG

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This magic book will make you question everything you think about magic. Let us say that again: this magic book will make you question everything you think about magic. We’re not saying you’ll agree with everything in this book—something would be wrong if you agreed with everything in ANY book of this size. But Darwin asks all the right questions and invokes these questions in you, the reader.

This is without question the most substantial book on magic theory of our time. Some critics (and now the former publisher) question the book’s validity, but this is all petty nonsense. ANYONE who reads this book must be in awe of its depth and insight into so many facets of magic performance. It’s systematic and scientific at times, but practical examples from pop culture and close-up magic are sprinkled throughout. It’s accessible and written with just the right tone. Darwin Ortiz is a gifted writer and he’s in top form here.

This book is for the serious student, and it’s destined to become a favorite you’ll return to again and again. If you think you’re ready, take the next step and dive into Strong Magic.

“The book is readable, it’s extremely clear, it’s clear, it’s thrilling in its intellectual adventure. And it’s also, clearly, enormously practical. It makes you think. It enriches you as an artist (and therefore as a human being.)”Juan Tamariz

“A wonderful, wonderful book filled with practical advice. It should be every serious close-up worker’s next purchase.” –David Williamson

“A thought-provoking analysis of the performance of close-up magic. Just reading it was motivating. I incorporated some of Darwin’s suggestions in to my presentations the same day I read them. Highly recommended to the serious student of close-up magic.”Paul Gertner

Here’s more information:

Why is it that some magicians get great audience reaction while others who are just as skillful leave audiences so cold? The answers are in Strong Magic, the first ever book on showmanship specifically for the close-up magician.

As a successful professional magician for almost twenty rears, Darwin Ortiz has appeared before thousands of audiences of all kinds. During that time he has studied what it takes to really move an audience. In Strong Magic, he presents the results of those years of study and experience in a way that every magician can benefit from.

Do you want applause, gasps, and praise? Do you want your performances to be talked about and remembered? Strong Magic tells you how. You already own countless books on card and coin manipulation. Here is a book on something far more important: audience manipulation. Not a dry, boring treatise, it’s funny, fascination, exciting reading. Not a book of vague theory, it’s loaded with countless examples and concrete techniques that you can put to use right away to give your magic more impact. These are the real secrets of close-up magic–and they are all in Strong Magic.

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