Stunning Large Square Square (Circle): Edwin McDonald


If you have not heard the name Edwin McDonald then you do not live in southwest Ohio. He is our best kept secret. He is a maser craftsman and a talented artist. He tutored under Walter Sheppard for many years.  His props are beautiful and practical.  He thinks it through. He builds very few props  (fewer these days) but occasionally can be coerced into a special project which this was. It is one of a kind.

It is a large square circle and base. It stand 33 inches tall.  The base breaks down for packing. Notice the holes in the sides of both squares.  Makes it very easy to pickup each piece individually and a joy perform.  The prop is very clever in another way. Edwin gives you  a view under the outer square. Yes when the inner tube is picked up you can see right under the inner square.  That is because the large load is suspend on pegs in each corner giving a clear view under the outer tube. As I said Edwin thinks things through.

The outer tube is 16 inches tall and 12.75 inches square.  I have no doubt this will be come one of your favorite props as a performer or collector. You will own the only one.  Excellent condition..

The bottles shown are faux props made by Edwin as part of the special order. We can send them if you would like them.  Realistic but light as a feather.

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