Table Vision V.2X: The Ultimate Mentalist weapon from Eric Samuels: New!


This is an incredible mentalist tools which  will allow you to perform incredible routines. At its core you can have someone draw a photo on anything with any writing instrument and you can immediately duplicate it!  But there is so much more it can do! The table is 35 inches tall and the top is 18×18 inches and can be used throughout the show as a regular table.  This is  V.2x which comes with a pre programmed Android tablet.  I am no electronic genius.  Although this is new I decided to open it to insure the electronics all function as they should ( I always do this with electronic items as it saves many headaches). I charged the items and launched them and it was an absolute plug and play. In 5 seconds the basic effect was up and working!

The basic version without the Android sells for $1595 new.  This one includes the Android tablet.  I have chosen to leave it completely in the manufacturers wrap. For additional information I am providing a link to the manufacturers site (Mentalism Tools) here.  The site  ask for a password but gives you the answer to it so you can enter it without any previous  knowledge.. You might find something else you cannot live without. Comes with protective padded bag for the top and a large protective bag it all fits into. This has never been used. Instructions and ideas are on a thumb drive. I have only one and will likely never have another.



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