Tabman Casino Chips, Dice and Cylinder: new in original packaging: no longer available


Tabman Casino Chips dice and cylinders

Casino Chips, Dice and Cylinder sets consist of a four chip hard stack with cavity, four identical loose chips. These are some new $25 Las Vegas chips plus a black $100 chip to use in the assembly finale, plus two 3/8″ dice, a deck of actual casino cards, a phony $1000 bill and a nice instruction booklet. These props are perfect for all the Cap and Pence routines like Ramsay and others. Also, see MAGIC MENU The First Five Years for some reviews.

Everything is Included. Two complete routines and these props can be used for any coin effects too. They’re the size of US silver dollars but a little lighter and grip the fingers better. They’re genuine clay casino chips. No longer available.

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