Ted Lesley’s Mind Controlled Glass (Hydrostatic Glass) Long Unavailable


This is Ted Lesley’s Mind Controlled Glass. It is different than the SUPERIOR Hydrostatic Glass that is on the market. This version is made of real glass and it is specially designed to allow the performer to pass the glass from hand to hand while the glass is suspended. Also the liquid is poured into the glass at the start of the effect, a revolution in presentation. The exact moment an audience members says GO the liquid will fall out of the glass. This version also comes with a GLASS pitcher, two special gimmicks and numerous other pieces for slightly different handlings.

The basic effect is this: A pitcher  of liquid is shown (Ted recommends coloring the water to enhance the visual effect) and its contents poured into a large drinking glass.  A  small piece of newspaper is put on top of the glass.  The glass is turned upside down and the hand removed.  The liquid remains suspended in the glass! Slowly the newspaper is removed and the liquid is still suspended!  The glass is passed from hand to hand.  A spectator is asked to say go at any pint they wish. Immediately when they say go the liquid falls from the glass!

Along with this is Ted Lesley’s comprehensive instruction book which include 3 different presentations for the Hydrostatic Glass each one getting a little more clever!

Long available this has become a valued collectors item.  This one is as new with all original items included.  Its incredible to watch and perform.  Glass is 6 inches tall and the pitcher is 6.5 inches tall.

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