Carl Owens 1936 version of Thayer’s Re-incarnation.  A masterpiece!

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This is indeed a rare find.  It is a very early Thayer re-incarnation head box.  It is only part of the entire illusions but the key element.  The effect is a fading of a  mummy head into a real live face.  It is based n the Peppers ghost illusion. This is very early (1936 catalogue #8 ) and no doubt a Thayer prop.  The graphics are stunning and all are salvageable if you choose to restore this prop.  The box is intact with the wiring (will need replaced) and the telescopic chute from the bottom. It has no glass in it.  You will need to restore the box to full working condition (it has its bumps and bruises) and add the base (screen) assembly.  We are including a set of original workshop plans and specifications from Thayer which will guide you through the restoration process.  If you are a Thayer collector you might just want to set it in your magic room and admire the very rare piece you have just acquired.

Once completed you are looking at a $10,000 illusion.  I would think less than 5 of the original  Thayer models survive (Owen built them too). This one was part of the Clayton Jacobsen (Rudy Roxo) collection.  Jacobsen bought  Thayer Studios from the Larsen’s in 1950.

The listing shows two color photos of  Virgil’s Re-incarnation illusion (courtesy of Tad Ware) and also the black and white sequence from a 1995 Magicol publication (thanks Magicana).  You don not get the photos or the Magicol.  They are there to show you the completed illusion only.

Here is your chance to own one of the rarest of all Thayer props created by Carl Owen Himself!

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