Thayer/Owen Devil Bonus Genus with sales receipt: one of the rarest of the Bonus Genus


One of the most rare of the Bonus Genus from Thayer. I looked for this version of the vanishing doll for 8 years before finding it and placing it on my own collection.  I was happy to pay the $500 I paid for it.

This particular doll is very interesting and requires a Thayer history lesson. Bill Larsen who owned Thayer through during this time had an exclusive contract with the own brothers to build Thayer props. Because of many issues (war included) by 1949 he was not able to supply enough business to keep the Owen Brothers and their shop busy. So in 1949 Larsen and the Owen Brothers signed an agreement which allowed the Owen Brothers to sell the Thayer goods through their own channels as well as fulfill the Thayer orders.  These were the same props shipping out under both the Owen and Thayer name depending on the source of the order. That went on until 1952 when Thayer sold the business to Clayton Jacobson.

These dolls were made during that period of duel sourcing. They could have been shipped as Thayer or Owen depending on what channel they were sold through.  We have the receipt so we know they were sold through the Owen business but i am sure the same dolls that month was likely shipped to a Thayer customer as well.

These are in excellent condition, as good as you will find. Sold with original Thayer instructions as well.

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