The Absconding Lycan by Magic Wagon


In original packaging. Never used.  Retailed for $200 when issued. Long sold out.

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From Magic Wagon:

Based on an original idea from Mr. Edward Massey’s Ribbon Fantastique, we are pleased to bring you The Absconding Lycan.

Special thanks to Mr. David De Graef for his advice regarding the theme of this effect.

The performer displays a frame with a figure of a Lycan which has holes running across its body along with a sheet of plexiglass with holes running across its width. The performer then places the sheet of plexiglass behind the Lycan and a brass chain is threaded back and forth through all the holes, locking the Lycan to the sheet of plexiglass. Despite the impossibility of the situation, the sheet of plexiglass is visibly lifted straight up, allowing the Lycan to make its escape from its chained imprisonment!

The Absconding Lycan stands approximately 14cms tall and 13.5cms wide and captures perfectly the ferocity and look of these creatures.

The photo really doesn’t do justice to this gorgeous prop. This is, without question, one of the finest and most exquisitely detailed sets ever produced.

Each set has been delicately and individually hand-crafted by our own artist.

Long unavailable.  New condition, never used.

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