The Charlatan System: reseal a deck of cards and make card gaffs!

Winning Bid: $86.00

A diabolical system for resealing decks of cards and making gaffed cards. Has online video instruction for operation. For magic entertainment purposes only! New never used. With supplies as issued.

Estimate $100+

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Item condition: New


An innovative deck-sealing system that enables you to easily create truly impossible miracles.

Imagine sitting down to perform your favorite card magic set and introducing a nice new deck of cards. The crisp cellophane is still in tact, verifying it’s a fresh, untampered deck straight from the factory. There’s no way any human hands have touched these cards before….right?

…or have they?

“The Charlatan System” is a portable heating device that allows you to perfectly reseal a deck of cards back to factory-fresh status, while also enabling you to fuse dry mounting tissue (aka DMT) for making the most deceptive card gaffs possible.

Easily build your own double-facers, double-backer or other devious gaffs with your favorite custom deck of playing cards. You can then sneak it into the same deck of cards that you’ve marked and rearranged into a memorized stack, before you reseal it back in the tuck box. You’ll be so far ahead of the audience, it’s completely impossible to backtrack a method.

In the 45-minute instruction video Brent Braun guides you through everything you need to know about “The Charlatan System”, including how to quickly reseal an open deck, plus some diabolical applications that will turn you into the next Charlatan.

Comes With:

  • Charlatan unit with 2 heat modes
  • 20 reusable black sticker seals and 20 cellophanes
  • Heat resistant silicone work surface

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September 25, 2022 1:15 pm$50.00Private
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