The Chest by Cottek Magic Technologies: incredible mentalism and does not use magnets!


This is an advanced piece of technology that makes it possible to do an incredible mentalism routine.

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This is and exceptional piece of mentalism.  You show The Chest empty and borrow up to 5  items from your audience and place the items in the chest.  You have four spectators remove the items one by one and close The Ches while your back is turned..  You are then able to tell them which items each has removed. You can choose how you wish the information be sent to you. IT is amazing and you focus on the presentation.  You do not have to look at the box!

This is a familiar plot but have you ever heard of it done with or regular or borrowed items? 99% of the time this is a magnetic effect. Not here. The technology is advanced and understand the space relationship with each item placed within the case. It is a wonderful prop you will use constantly.  It is new and comes with Video directions.  This has never been used and comes with a certificate of authenticity (this is number 17).  The price when they were available was  $900 and it was worth it as evidenced by the fact they are completely sold out .  No longer available.

The size of the chest is 15x19x10.

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