The Climbing Coin: The Hoffman Series from Douglas Wayne Illusioneering


An amazing effect from Douglas Wayne. It is their Hoffman series of effects. Built in small quantities.

A coin (quarter) is borrowed and marked.   A small box with a drawer is examined.  A chimney like affair is shown and the drawer on that is opened and the marked quarter is placed in the drawer.  The small box is placed on top of the “chimney box”.  As the spectators watch, the coin is seen to rise up the chimney through a open window.  It rises until it goes out of site.  The small box on top is then lifted off of the chimney and is shaken.  The unmistakable sound of a coin is heard inside. The drawer is opened and the marked coin removed!

This is brand new in the original box!  It was never opened until  I did to photograph it.  It is an amazing and scarce piece.  Not often found much less in unused condition. With the original instructions.

The chimney tower is 11 inches tall.

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