The Clock of Alexander: Larry Barnowsky


From the Magic Cafe:

Just received the package. Beautiful kit with everything you need. 6 pages of instructions with color photos on glossy paper. You get the pedestal base, metal game board, magnetic pawn, crystal ball, deck of Ask Alexander Cards, pouch for small props, and custom wooden case. To summarize the effect, a card is selected and shuffled into the deck. Spectator deals the deck into nine piles. The clock of Alexander is shown and he thinks of any number written on the clock. Suddenly a small crystal ball appears (no skill for this) in a well on the base holding the clock board. A magnetic playing piece is used to count on the clock and into an interior maze landing on a new number. Using that number the spectator picks up the corresponding pile and deals it using a basic elimination type deal. The last card remaining turns out to be the spectators card. Clever math principle makes the effect work. The crystal ball appearance is made possible by the design of the pedestal. Love the interactive idea of a game board combined with the mysticism of Alexander, The Man Who Knows that we know from those great magic posters.
Highly recommended.

This is new never used. Sells for $60

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From Larry Barnowsky:

  • The card is not forced
  • The number chosen is not forced
  • No equivoque
  • Works 100% of the time controlled by hidden mathematical principles
  • Self-working with no sleights needed
  • Crystal ball appearance is designed into the pedestal. No sleights needed.
  • Limited Edition. All pedestals are number stamped and hallmarked
  • This effect is no way related to my other limited edition effect, The Rings of Alexandria, which is sold out.  

What’s included:

  • 6 page manuscript printed on glossy enamel paper with 13 color photos and illustrations
  • Metal backed Clock of Alexander Game Board
  • Blue and Gold trimmed Wooden Pedestal
  • Magnetic Pawn Playing Piece
  • 1-inch Crystal Ball with velveteen pouch
  • Custom Wooden Latched Case which holds all the props
  • Limited Edition Ask Alexander Deck of Playing Cards (Conjuring Arts Research Center)

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