The Compleat Magick by Boscom Jones: Collector’s workshop Edition with Index (a bargain!)


This is the finest work on mentalism perhaps of all time.  Comes in five volumes with the the index in the fifth volume.  Sells for $835.

These are a bargain and this is why. The USPS ( I will be nice) and the French Customs department enjoyed these so much they sent them back and forth from France to the United States 4 times before they made their way back to me.  The box was destroyed (apparently caught in a machine of some kind).  As much as i tried to intervene and tell them what was gong on they kept shipping them back and forth.

Here is the good news.  The only damage (despite the packing material missing (only the bubble wrap protected the books) was some serious corner bumps.  I have photographed each book along with the most severe corner bump.  You get them for almost half price if you can live with bumped corners.

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