The Complete Classic Magic Series from Dr. Albo: Volumes 1-11 with supplements!


If you collect magic apparatus i don’t see how you can do without these books. The bible of magic apparatus.  You can get a complete education using these books. Invaluable reference.  This is the complete file including the scarce volumes 5 and 11 (500 and 300 copies).  Contains all the supplements. Everything in excellent condition.

The separate box containers are included. The volume 9-11 container is in excellent condition.  The big box (red brick as it is known when containing the books) is only in fair condition and needs re-enforced.  If the books are shipped in this flimsy case the case does not usually fair well as is the case here.

Your chance to add an incredible reference work to your library.  Each volume filled with color photos and the workings of vintage apparatus.

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