The Da Vinci Box by Thomas Pohle


A clever one from Thomas Pohle.  Produced in 2015 and now unavailable.

The magician shows a small locked box with a 4 dial combination consisting of letters.  The spectator is told if they can open the box with the right combination they get what is inside. They try with no luck.

The magician then hands a deck of alphabet cards (not included but how I would do it) to the spectator and ask them to deal stopping on any card they wish. That is repeated 4 times. They 4 letters that are formed are then put into the combination om the locked box and the box opens! Inside is found a wad of cash.

In reality you control at all times the opening and closing of the box. The combination locks although they look and sound real are faux. This items has incredible possibilities for other routines.

Sold for $415 when issued and no longer available. Functions perfectly with instructions.

Out of stock

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