The GM Die Box by Mel Babcock: Bob Gunhter and John Mendoza: maybe the strongest die box routine ever!


I can tell you that this is very strong.  Especially for those who may have seen the old die box effect and who hasn’t?  If you want to fool the club, take this along next meeting.

Here is the effect:  The magician shows two large dice, spinning them on the table to show all sides.  He then displays a box with two side-by-side compartments, one for each die, and then openly places the two dice into the box.  The magician now claims that he will make one die vanish from the box and reappear in an empty hat.  After the usual “visibly or invisibly” byplay, one die is openly removed and dropped into the hat.  The audience moans in disappointment at this “visible” transportation.

To make up for this the magician offers to make the die in the hat reappear in the box only this time.  One of the doors of the box is opened showing the die to have “reappeared”.  The audience shouts that they are seeing the other die.  The magician then tilts the box and opens the other door showing the “other” die still in its compartment.  This reverse sucker bit is milked awhile and then the magician totally surprises the audience by opening both doors and turning the box upside down showing both dice completely gone!  The box is genuinely empty at this point.  Finally, both dice are removed from the hat and openly replaced in the box, one in each compartment.

Wonderfully crafted by Mel Babcock. The patina on this box is exceptional. Appears to have never been used. the size is 8.25x5x4 inches.

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