The Greatest Abbott’s Get Together of them all: Legendary!


Brochure from the 24th get together in very good condition.

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They still talk about it to this day.  The people who actually saw it are getting fewer by the day but the legend continues on with each generation telling the tale. You may hear it mentioned on the Colon Museum tour.  i got the story right from Percy Abbott’s daughter.  This was the convention where Chami Khan (Lima Peru) was actually nailed to a cross right in front of everyone at the Abbott get Saturday night show.  How is that for entertainment!  This was not a trick the man was actually nailed to a cross hands and feet.

On top of that D’leta was hanged from the roof of the High School auditorium! was was in the water back then?  Other acts included Neil Foster (Zombie), Mullholland, Crandall,  Talli, Danny O’Day,  Stuart Cramer. Kerwin, and a few others (see photos).

Your chance to own a piece of the legend to prove it actually occurred. The  pictures yo see are of the same brochure. One side was white and one side purple.

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