The Haunting By Tony Chris: electronic haunted deck!


The world’s first electronic Haunted Deck. Brand new in the sealed box, never opened. Sold for $199.95.

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From the Magic Cafe and Tony Chris


I want to share with you all my latest creation along with my good friend Christopher Taylor. We have spent two years developing what is the worlds first “hands off” completely unattached, Haunted Deck.

It is one of the eeriest, visual magic animations that you can experience in a bizarre magic setting and especially for The seance workers who wish to conjure up the spirits of the departed.

Imagine a deck of tarot cards, aged playing cards, or a pile of vintage postcards or pictures of HAUNTED HOUSES, moving on your performance area in a very hauntingly, spooky, creepy and extremely eerie way. You are not attached to deck or stack by any means. No more thr–ds or thr–d breaking issues, lighting issues, angle problems or anything else you can dream of that has literally haunted many users of the haunted deck. These factors don’t exist anymore with Haunting.

You can be up to 30 feet away if you want and still have complete control over the animation of the deck, starting them ans stopping them whenever you desire. We are very happy to offer the worlds first hands off, toe switch operated, electronic animated haunting deck. It is one of my absolute inclusions in all my bizarre shows and will be the highlight of my Halloween shows this year!

My Comment:

This comes with bicycle cards but you are taught how to convert the gimmick to other items.

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