The Legendary Hofsinser inspired ZZM Rose Mirror: Tony Lancker and Harold Voit

$1,295.00 $1,079.00

I can guarantee you this will be one of the most loved pieces of magic you will own. It is incredible to watch the mirror automatically run through its paces as the Rose seemingly melts from one color into another. Total clockwork action makes it a dream to operate. This can be a beautiful 8 minute romantic routine (given) or can be used in any number of ways. This is German craftsmanship at it absolute finest. Comes with the original box and instructions. The wind up Key is a perfectly functioning replacement. The mirror is 15 ½ inches long and the mirror itself 8 inches across.

First offered in 1985 it is one of the most incredible pieces of magic apparatus made in the in the last 50 years.

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