The Modern Del Ray Computerized Deck by Bill Spooner: new never used


Both Del Ray and Bill Spooner  stand out in my mind.  Del Ray because he is the best close up magician I ever saw. Bill Spooner because he may be the smartest guy I know.  Bill is also (like Del Ray) an electronic genius.  The difference is Del used a combination of Rube Goldberg like equipment (never the less he created untold miracles) and Bill is a state of the art guy. They were also, not surprisingly, great friends.

Bill has updated one of Del’s finest effects with modern technology.  Del’s computerized deck is amazing. Not only can it pick the pile a chosen card is in (lights flashing and sounds)  but signals with a number on the top of the card case the exact location of the card in the stack.  It is a masterpiece. New and never used. Sells  for $645.

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