The Mummy Mystery by Robert Karo: German mini magic


Mr Karo is famous for taking sometimes ordinary props and decorating them into something special.  This is his version of being able to tell which mummy is placed in the Sarcophagus even though you may be blindfold.  First a small Egyptian themed decorative box is opened and shown empty.  Then a wooden chest is opened revealing three different color mummies.  Back to the small box and when opened this time contains an Egyptian Sarcophagus. It is removed from the box and the spectator is asked to place a mummy fro  the box into the Sarcophagus the other two in his pocket.  The magician can  instantly reveal which mummy is in the sarcophagus. Wonderfully decorated props from the self acclaimed German folk art master of magic.

Wooden mummy box is 7x3x4.5 inches.  Small Sarcophagus box is 4×2.75×1.5 inches.

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