The New World Fan by Douglas Wayne Illusionering: scarce


One of this most creative manufacturer’s rarest items.  Search the internet, you will not find one.

It is basically a form of the mutilated parasol using fans instead of umbrellas. The magician shows small flags from all nations including the slightly larger US flag.  He puts the flags into a black bag.  He then freely shows a large colorful fan which he rolls into a newspaper.  He then rips open the bag and the flags  have vanished and the bag turns into the umbrella cover!  He removes the fan from the newspaper and the fan is now a skeleton with the flags attached to the ends of the fan.  The middle flag is missing and it is the American flag which the magician produces elsewhere.

The fan is 16 inches long. It is a big showy prop packing flat.  It was bought new and stored.

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